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Professional Talent Marketing & Representation

QuickBook Modeling, established in 1973, is one of the most respected modeling agency services and is admired by leading companies worldwide. Major clients from all around the globe depend on QuickBook Modeling when hiring in cities throughout U.S. and Canada – especially for “on location” shoots where the client is sending a film crew near where you live.
A dedicated team of highly experienced professionals have enabled QuickBook Modeling to sustain its success and hold a top place in talent bookings for 48 years. We are proud to represent many great  models in media, marketing, film and advertising jobs to hiring clients everywhere.
We are a real agency, not a “website only” agency like most all others. They accept tens of thousands and do nothing for your safety or proper negotiations pay rates, buy outs and residuals. None of those so-called agencies have actual booking agents working for you.
Our team of professional booking agents and assistants are exceptionally proud to offer legitimate straightforward services for a simple booking fee of 20%. Regardless of ignorance on social media and incorrect opinions from people that do not know us (or pretend to and post fiction to try and help another agency) you cannot be represented by a more dedicated and caring team working for each model around-the-clock every day of every year. Decades of quality safe talent bookings speaks volumes. Every company, every day, hiring models from QuickBook is extremely pleased with the handling of each booking. We have never had an unhappy client hiring models. Please keep both feet on the ground and clearly understand that in any agency ONLY companies create jobs and only they make the selections on which models they feel best fit their needs.
Our agency works for you. We have clients offering great paying fun and easy to do jobs you could likely never find on your own and are not available through any other modeling agency.
Fill out an application and add 3 current photos. If your look fits current trends and needs of hiring companies, we will let you know quickly.
We hope you will get approved and become one of our great new success stories.

QuickBook Modeling Agency

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