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Seattle Washington QBNW
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Representing Trending Models of all ages in every city in Washington - Since 1973 Modeling Agencies near me in Seattle Spokane Tacoma Vancouver Yakima Olympia Bellevue Bellingham Bremerton Port Angeles Port Townsend Washington

QuickBook Modeling Agency


About Us

Great Paying Safe Modeling Jobs
All Ages - Nationwide Talent Agency

QuickBook Modeling, established in 1973, is one of the most respected modeling agency services and is admired by leading companies worldwide. Major clients from all around the globe depend on QuickBook Modeling when hiring in cities throughout U.S. and Canada – especially for "on location" shoots where the client is sending a film crew near where you live.



Since 1973 our modeling agency has booked men, women, children, kids, teens, infants, toddlers in modeling jobs nationwide with great companies. Jobs include fashion print, clothing, restaurants, travel industry, hotels, TV commercials of all kinds, furniture stores, electronics, industrial brochures, magazine editorial layouts, music videos, billboards, department and grocery stores, banking, cell phone ads, automobiles, public safety spots, insurance commercial and medical commercials, personal care products, outdoor recreation items and RV's, TV shows and major movies filming on location. Our work continues every day.

Our clients need models NOW - ALL AGES.




We are a real agency, not robots, not telemarketers, not some unsafe social media unmonitored public experience just calling themselves an "agency".

We do not use unsafe Instagram or Facebook or the like to represent our talent or display jobs to the public. That is not how a real agency operates.

We operate a legitimate agency with 2 websites and a staff of real booking agents handling jobs nationwide decades before internet was available.

You are safe here with good honest people working together

with the goal of your success in this industry.

Seniors, Men, Women, Children, Teens, Infants, Toddlers.

Only qualified applicants are approved for representation.

QuickBook Agency books models in USA & Canada.

QB Offices / booking agents in most states and provinces.

Agency Team



Represented talent: Use contact info provided.

No "walk-ins" without appointment. 

We are not like others selling classes, workshops,

photos and more with “sales people”

selling you on some worthless “program”.

Main office: 1420 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 

Booking Offices throughout US and Canada.

                          New Hiring Companies: 


What an amazing company to work with!! My son really enjoyed working with everyone at Baby & Beyond Magazine. They had toys on set, so he was excited the second we walked in! I got to meet other moms and models; it was very nice to have other moms to talk to. Everything ran smoothly and my son was paid in an efficient time after the job. Please do not believe everything you read; this company is definitely legit! We would love to continue working with QuickBook!

Ashley B  ★★★★★

I think QuickBook agency is a great agency. We had a wonderful experience with them. Amazon Alexa, Best Buy and more.  Both of my girls and even my husband and I were in one of the Best Buy ads.

Naomi P ★★★★★

When I got signed with QuickBook a few months ago within a day I got a job for Modeling as a promo girl for a slot machine in my city. It was a great experience and when I had any questions my agent answered them quickly for me. I also got paid within 2 weeks of the job being completed. I get that jobs don't come super-fast to people all the time as that is the industry, its hard work and takes time to land great job. I do highly recommend this company they are great to work with and their customer service is great! Don't believe every bad review you read, 98% chance they aren't even signed with the company.

Serena S ★★★★★

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